Things I Will Never Understand

I will never understand why yawning is contagious, or why smiles are infectious.
Why people invented decaf coffee or non-alcoholic wine.
Why some girls wear short shorts with Uggs, high-heels they can barely walk in, or dresses two-sizes too small.
I will never understand why we fool ourselves into committing to a New Year’s Resolution, when we know we have a weak resolve.

I will never understand why we fall into the same habits we know will harm us in the end.
Why we say “never again,” yet do it all over again the weekend after.
Why we pick a different version of the same poison, expecting a novel effect.
Why the warning signs allure us all the more to explore even further.

I’ll never understand why the one we want is rarely the one that wants us back.
Why we keep waiting for the text, the call, or the message, convincing ourselves of their excuses even if we know that it will never come.
Why we keep trying to jam circles into squares, and fooling ourselves that it’s the perfect fit.
Why we keep doing the same thing and expecting different results after multiple failed attempts.

I’ll never understand why we defer the damage expecting a lesser blow.
Why we keep running away from our problems when the demon lies within our own psyche, taunting our futile attempt to escape.
Why we keep picking up the pieces and placing them exactly where they lay, and all the while not learning a lesson from the fall.
I’ll never understand why we only know better after it’s too late, after the last straw is gone, after the damage is done.

Does our constant cycle dull away the pain making it more bearable to survive another day?
Are we hopeful creatures hanging on a frail thread of change?
Are we just foolish and naive? Is that it?
I guess it’ll just be another downpour on an endless sea of unanswered questions.


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