Le Renard

When someone leaves our lives, they’re never really completely gone, a part of them remains with you, as you do with them.

During a conversation with my roommate, an interesting topic came up. He said that one doesn’t end at one’s skin. When we interact with others, a part of ourselves transfers to others and vice versa. Our conversations, ideas, memories, and connections we’ve made have made an indelible mark on that person. Its through upon meeting someone, you carry a part of them with you. It reminded me of The Little Prince. The Little Prince encounters a wild fox, and in time The Little Prince and The Fox form a friendship. The Little Prince domesticated The Fox, he tamed it and made it unique from all the others. There was a part of him that became a part of The Fox, and a part of The Fox that remained with him. In a similar fashion, connections of various degrees lend the same effect.

We aren’t the same person because we’ve been infected with other people’s ideas, their aura, their being. When we encounter people they leave a mark on you as you leave a mark on them. In a sense its securing immortality by living through others. I’m not certain of what impression I’ve left upon people of my past, but I can only hope to create a memorable impression on the people near and dear to me. I believe that no one is completely erased from someone’s life, they may linger in your sub-consciousness and in your dreams, they still remain wandering in your mind regardless of how you may try to forget them. Memories can be a painful reminder of the past, but they evoke change, a landmark of something that moved us beyond apathy. I think there’s a purpose to the people we meet, they teach us of things we didn’t even know about ourselves. They show us life through different lenses, and that the world doesn’t revolve around us. Meeting people and making connections gives us a panoramic perspective on life.


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