Is Love Enough?

Is love ever enough to keep people together? Is it enough to sustain a relationship tearing at the seams because of the insurmountable differences between two individuals? These are questions posed in the romantic-comedy movie Celeste and Jessie Forever starring the talented Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg. Since Jones co-wrote the screenplay for the movie, the role of Celeste suited Jones perfectly, playing a successful type-A know-it-all coping with the effects of a dismantled marriage. Samburg’s role was also well-tailored for the role, playing a man struggling with the responsibilities and consequences of starting anew.

It’s constantly compared to 500 Days of Summer. Both movies are stories aboutlove without being a love story. In a sense, they’re both loved stories, the after math of love gone awry and the casualties of unrequited love. Although I loved both films, C + J Forever edges out over 500 Days of Summer. Unlike the latter, the former gives a more realistic depiction of the complications of breakups. Regardless of how unscathed two people want to be after breaking up, one side is always going to be more battered and bruised as a result. It’s rarely a completely mutual decision to part ways with a beloved.

The lovelorn’s pain is concealed under a veil of denial that results in a series of poor decisions that leads to regret. After which point the lovelorn addresses the source to the reckless behaviors and tried to finally mend wounds of of a broken heart. However much the lovelorn wants to reconcile with the beloved, it’s not enough to look past the staggering contrast between the two. Sometimes love simply isn’t enough. Two people can love each other with great passion, but circumstances prevents them from being together. When two people are fundamentally different, no amount of compromise can ever compensate for their irreconcilable differences.

In the end as two people walk away into their separate paths, they’ll always share a special history no one can ever take away. Sometimes one party lingers in the remains of a fallen relationship while the other walks away. In the case of C + J, Celeste undertakes a journey towards recovery alone, as it should be. Letting go and cutting loses hurts, but its better than lingering in the remains of the past and holding on to un-reciprocated feelings. After years of being a part of an us or a we, its pertinent to rediscover yourself, and be sufficient enough to make yourself happy regardless of who you’re with.

Over all I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It was a poignant look at love and its after effects. The script was well written, it was sharp and smart without being unapproachable and unrelatable. The cast was well suited for their parts, with the ensemble shining even in the short amount of screen time they’re given. I would highly recommend it, and am planning on watching it again in the future.


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