Hello Insomnia

Stay up late they say, it would be fun they say.

When I was younger, I was given the impression that fun things always happen past my bedtime. After all, everything always seems more enticing when you’re not allowed to do it right? For a while it proved to be true. I mean, who goes to bars at 9 o’clock nowadays? Not this girl for sure. But after countless nocturnal adventures, my late night stretches become a norm, and sleeping in what people consider normal hours prove to be a challenge. I blamed midterms, then finals, then late night escapades, then fellow night owls prowling facebook chat, then I finally started to run out of excuses…

It’s all fun and games, until you have to function on 2 hours or less of sleep because you have work at 8am, in a town 40 minutes away. You’re miserable, and cranky, and you just want to crash, but that’s not an option. Resist you must, with every lingering yawn, and every tempting moments you have to doze off, you can’t. It’s always in the most inconvenient times, when the urge to sleep passes through you. Yet, as the time comes when it’s acceptable to actually sleep like a normal person, every bone in your body tells you to go on an adventure, have that deep meaningful conversation with that long lost friend, paint that masterpiece, finish that book. So the cycle continues. Oh the woes of life.


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