Bring on the cheese

Chick flicks. Most of us has seen them, some of us have rolled our eyes at the thought of bearing through 90 minutes or so of cliches and predictable story lines, and others have regretted wasting time on something that could be summed up in five minutes. I remember watching Twilight with some friends and only going for its comedic value despite the fact that it’s a love story. (Oh the scathing looks I got from tweens when I literally laughed out loud as the vampire started sparkling was priceless, absolutely priceless.) I’m one to snicker at cheesy tag lines, mock the terrible acting, and laugh at corny dialogue. I long for stories showing complexities and plots evoking pathos, not just commercial drivel.

But, maybe there’s some merit beneath the banality. At the core of each movie is a story about love overcoming obstacles. It harps on emotions making us want to hope again, making us want to believe again, making us want to love again. At one point or another, people go through woes of the heart, may it be unrequited, unconventional, or unconditional. These times test the strength of our affection and willpower to with stand the trials of the heart. Its in these times that measures our resolve: to what lengths will one go for love?

I think chick flicks were meant for kindred spirits to renew hope after affairs gone awry. Its a resurgence of belief in love, which in turn makes living worth while again. Although I’ve never truly experienced love yet, I still genuinely believe in it. I think its the one thing that drives us towards dreams, strive for something better, and bear all the tribulations that comes in life. I don’t think there’s a one-size fits all definition of love, rather its whatever you chose to define it as. It comes in many forms, in the least expected places. I’ve seen it in the eyes of my friends looking longingly at their significant other, in old couples holding hands as they promenade, and in the warm and tender embrace of a friend and his/her object of affection.

However is love always that simple and easy? Is it always just a matter of two people wanting to be together fighting the odds? I don’t know, but maybe someone somewhere out there knows all the answers to the uncertainties boggling my mind. Until then I’ll just keep believing, and keep searching. If there’s one thing I learned from chick flicks is that there’s hope, my person is there somewhere (hopefully). Regardless of the outcome, its a journey worth having and a risk worth taking. I don’t know if I have to travel half-way across the world to find him Eat, Pray, Love style, but maybe it’s necessary to take that leap of faith and venture in uncharted territory not only geographically, but more importantly the uncharted territory of the heart. Whatever the case, I just know that every failed attempt brings me closer to my person.

I’m not about to camp out for the next chick flick to come in the theaters, but I’d be remiss if I dismissed them completely. If they can turn a cynic like me into a bit of a romantic, then maybe there is some merit to chick flicks after all.


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